Steps for QBT Migration to Tally

  1. Visit Link for QBT Migration:

  2. Step 1

  3. Click on “Sign in with QuickBooks Intuit”.

  4. Step 2

  5. Login with your QuickBooks credentials.

  6. Step 3

  7. Click “Add Company”

  8. Step 4

  9. Select companies to migrate.

  10. Step 5

  11. List of Companies which are added for Migration.

  12. Step 6

  13. Select Migration Plan for getting data in TallyPrime from QuickBooks.

  14. Step 7

  15. Click On “Pay” to proceed for payments.

  16. Step 8

  17. Provide details as per instruction (Your Phone Number and Email to get payment confirmation).

  18. Step 9

  19. Select Payment method.

  20. Step 10

  21. Proceed for payment

  22. Step 11

  23. Wait for payment process completion.

  24. Step 12

  25. Payment Success Message.

  26. Step 13

  27. Save the “Email” and “Desktop Token” from Profile page and use it for migration from Desktop App.

  28. Step 14

  29. Open TallyPrime and Create a Company with same name as in QuickBooks Online. If multi-currency is applicable then change “Number of Decimal Places” to 4 from 2 on Company alteration screen.

  30. Step 15

  31. Enable F-11 Features in TallyPrime with same features as in QuickBooks Online

  32. Step 16step16.jpg

  33. Enable ODBC Service with Full access to IP address and ODBC Port where TallyPrime is running

  34. Step 17

  35. Download “Desktop App”.Download now

  36. Step 18

  37. Locate “Email” and “Desktop Token” from profile and login into Desktop App.

  38. Step 19

  39. Enter TallyPrime ODBC details in “Tally Host” and “Port” to check the connection of Desktop App and TallyPrime. On successful connectivity you get a message “Tally connection tested good”.

  40. Step 20

  41. Select the company to migrate from the dropdown with same company name created in TallyPrime.

  42. Step 21

  43. After company selection, the app will display “Duplicate Report”, “Master and Voucher Count” and “Success message” of completion of Master and Voucher counts.

  44. Step 22

  45. First Click on “Migrate all Masters” to migrate all masters or individually migrate them one-by-one. On successful migration of masters you can check Statistics report of TallyPrime.

  46. Step 23

  47. After Master migration, click on “Migrate all Vouchers” to migrate all vouchers or individually migrate them one-by-one. On successful migration of vouchers you can check Statistics report of TallyPrime.

  48. Step 24

  49. Verify the counts in “Desktop App” and “Statistics report of TallyPrime” for successful data migration from QuickBooks Online to TallyPrime.

  50. Step 25